Virtual Earthquake and seismology Research Community e-science environment in Europe

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VERCE is developing a data-intensive e-science environment to enable innovative data analysis and data modelling methods that fully exploit the increasing wealth of open data generated by the observational and monitoring systems of the global seismology community.

Animation VERCE's strategy is to build upon a service-oriented architecture and a data-intensive platform delivering services, workflow tools, and software as a service, and to integrate the distributed European public data and computing infrastructures (GRID, HPC and CLOUD) with private resources and the European integrated data archives of the seismology community.

VERCE is a major contribution to the e-science environment of the European Plate Observing System LogoEPOS, the ESFRI initiative of the solid Earth community. VERCE is in synergy with the European Infrastructures (PRACE and EGI), and a number of European projects of the seismology and IT communities.

To learn more about, watch the VERCE legacy video on Youtube.