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Thanks to VERCE, a unique seismological web platform will allow seismologists to archive, access and analyse a massive amount of data thanks to innovative applications.

This e-science seismological environment concept will enable users to access and treat a huge amount of information in real-time, thanks to powerful data centers that will be connected to intensive computing systems like HPC or GRID. They will therefore be able to very rapidly describe earthquakes and their potential effects or unravel very precisely the earth's composition, among many other improvements.

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VERCE project has started on October 3rd 2011 with its kick off in Paris and is composed of 10 European partners that have a specific added value to achieve our objectives. Those partners will be working in close collaboration to achieve this ambitious project during the four coming years.

Each of them brings an expertise within VERCE project. Some of them have signed in social networks, in order to promote their organizations to a larger public. VERCE takes advantage of their visibility and established network to disseminate major news, events or promotional contents. Therefore, updates on VERCE will be regularly posted on our partners' social networks accounts. Do not hesitate to follow their Facebook, Twitter or Google+ activities! You will not only be updated on VERCE project but also learn more about seismology and IT.