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The NA3 work package is to provide users and developers of the earthquake and seismology community with appropriate documentation, tutorial examples, web accessible self-tuition material and training in the use and exploitation of the VERCE platform. This includes internal project training to help project members use facilities as they emerge and to refine the training material. The NA3 work package will foster synergies and collaborations with already existing training activities in the EGI/NGIs, HPC infrastructures as well as with community projects like QUEST and EPOS.

Documentation and best practice information distributed through the web portal training program with a comprehensive series of training courses in synergy with other European infrastructures (EGI/NGIs, HPC, EPOS) and European training network projects like QUEST.

Project training to help project members use facilities as they emerge through dedicated project web site linked to the VERCE and Orfeus portals.

Select pilot demonstrator applications among those successfully adapted to the VERCE platform.

Fostering synergies with training initiatives of EU infrastructures (EGI/NGIs, PRACE, National HPC infrastructures), and related EU projects (QUEST, WHISPER, NERA and SHARE).

In this work package, main contributions are expected from

Use the VERCE platform

Knowledge Base


Training sessions

Other resources