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About VERCE: Project Organisation

Activities and Work Packages

Verce activities
Network Activities
NA1 (WP1): Management
NA2 (WP2): Pilot applications and use cases
NA3 (WP3): Training and user documentation
NA4 (WP4):  Dissemination and public outreach
Service Activities
SA1 (WP5): Management and operation of the research platform
SA2 (WP6): Integration and evaluation of the platform services
SA3 (WP7):  Scientific gateway, user interfaces and knowledge and method sharing
Joint Research Activities
JRA1 (WP8): Harnessing data-intensive applications
JRA2 (WP9):  VERCE architecture and tools for data analysis and data modelling applications


Steering Committee
CNRS:Jean-Pierre Vilotte
LRZ: Anton Frank
UEDIN: Malcom Atkinson
EMSC: Remy Bossu
KNMI: Alessandro Spinuso
CINECA: Giovanni Erbacci
LMU: Heiner Igel
INGV: Alberto Michelini
ULIV: Andreas Rietbrock
SCAI: Horst Schwichtenberg
Project Executive Board
Alessandro Spinuso and Lion Krischer
Geneviève Moguilny
Iraklis A. Klampanos
Emanuele Casarotti
Xiao Wang
Tom Garth
Siew Hoon Long
André Gemünd
Michele Carpenè